What we fund

We make grants to community groups with a focus on children, families and young people. We also have some specialised tertiary awards.
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How to apply

After you’ve reviewed our eligibility criteria, you can submit an initial application online.  Please contact us if you’re unsure about your eligibility.
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Key information and dates

We accept initial applications from community groups twice a year between 1 November and 15 February and again between 1 May and 15 August.
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Youth Employment Pathways

Since 2014, we’ve been thinking about ‘what works’ to help young people into sustainable employment and how we can assist.

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Curious Classrooms

Our ‘Curious Classrooms’ initiative is now complete, and we’re happy to share what we learned.

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Collaborative Funding Milestone

The Working Together More Fund has now provided over $2 million to support community groups throughout New Zealand.

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