General Fund Dates and Process

Our Trustees usually make grant decisions in May and November.

The Foundation uses a two-step process for General Fund applications:

  1. Applicants submit a brief initial application
  2. If the initial application is short-listed by Trustees, successful applicants are asked to prepare a detailed funding proposal

All applications are made online. We encourage you to submit your initial applications early as this gives staff more time to review your application and to ask for further information if required. We generally receive a large volume of applications in the 2-3 weeks prior to each closing date, so staff have much less time to consider your application if you submit it in this period.


Applications Open  Applications Close  Funding Decision Made 
1 November 15 February  End of May
1 May 15 August  End of November


  • Initial applications are reviewed by staff, usually within 6-8 weeks of receipt. Ineligible applications are declined, while eligible applications are referred to our Trustee selection committee
  • The Trustee selection committee meets in early March and September to short-list applications
  • If your application is short-listed you will be invited to submit a funding proposal. You will have several weeks to prepare this. Foundation staff will assess your proposal, which generally includes a visit or meeting with you, and speaking to referees
  • Trustees then assess all the funding proposals and make funding allocations at their Board meetings in May and November
  • You are welcome to contact us for advice when preparing your application or for feedback afterwards

Please note all funding requests must be directed through the Foundation; our Trustees do not respond to personal approaches.