Grantee Information

We have changed our funding processes and no longer be accepting applications for funding.  Information about our new strategy and approach can be found here.

Our final General Fund round closed on August 15, 2017, with the final grants under our old approach decided in November 2017.

If your organisation’s funding was approved prior to 1 January 2018, the following information applies to you.

Funding Terms and Conditions

Please let us know if things aren’t going to plan – we much prefer bad news to no news. Occasionally we are able to assist, for example we can sometimes consider changing the funding purpose if this is appropriate.

If we have made you a funding offer we will ask you to:

  • Complete and return a grant confirmation form
  • Provide us with a pre-printed bank deposit slip in the name of your organisation (original, not a copy) or another form of verified notification from your bank of your organisation’s account details.

By signing the form you will be:

  • Confirming that the agreed amount is still required for the agreed purpose (and that if you have received other funding for the initiative, or if the initiative has changed, you will contact us)
  • Agreeing that the Todd Foundation’s grant will be used for the purposes specified or returned, unless the Foundation agrees otherwise
  • Noting that the Todd Foundation normally expects funds to be uplifted within twelve months of the notification of the donation
  • Estimating the month your initiative will start (this date is used to schedule payment of your grant)
  • Agreeing reporting processes

The Foundation cannot double-fund initiatives so please contact us if you have received other funding for all or part of your agreed project purpose. We are sometimes able to adjust the purpose of the grant in these circumstances.

We ask that you send an official receipt as soon as possible after the money is received.

Please note that the Foundation’s donation to your organisation does not attract GST.


Rather than providing a written report we ask that you attend a Round Table Reporting meeting in your area part-way through your grant period. At this meeting you will meet other Todd Foundation grantees in your region, provide a brief verbal update on the progress of your funded initiative and have an opportunity to share and chat over a cuppa.

If we are not holding a meeting in your area, alternative arrangements can be made.

In addition to the above, we also ask that you send us a copy of your annual report (if you produce one) and financial statements covering the year in which our grant was made. Your financial statements should show the Todd Foundation donation listed as a separate item.

To see our Round Table Reporting Information Sheet click here.

News and Updates

We appreciate news about your initiative and your organisation so please keep in touch. Similarly, you’ll receive occasional updates and phone calls from us.

Length of Funding

Your General Fund grant may be for one or two years.  There will be no opportunity to re-apply for funding after 15 August 2017.

Acknowledgement and Logo

We appreciate acknowledgement of our funding in your communications, for example in annual reports or brochures, or if you have a funders page on your website.

You may use our logo in communications about work we are currently supporting, but please check with us first before using it in a promotional capacity, for example on signage.

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