Appointment Announced

We are very pleased to announce that Seumas Fantham will be the next Executive Director of the Todd Foundation.

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Leadership change ahead

After more than nine years with the Todd Foundation, Christina Howard, our Executive Director, will be leaving at the end of this year.

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Supporting Youth Employment

We’ve committed $2.8m towards a range of community-led youth employment initiatives in four regions in Aotearoa, New Zealand

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Fairer futures for children and whānau

We’re exploring ways that we can support efforts to address poverty and inequality in Aotearoa New Zealand..

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Making Philanthropy more powerful

When philanthropic trusts come together to share their time, their wisdom, themselves and their money incredible things can happen..

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New Funding Approach

We’re making some major changes to our funding approach in 2018, to better support communities to achieve long-term change.

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Enterprise Memorial Grant

Sir John Todd was a keen supporter of Young Enterprise, and we’ve recognised this by making a five year funding commitment.

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Youth Employment Pathways

Since 2014, we’ve been thinking about ‘what works’ to help young people into sustainable employment and how we can assist.

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Curious Classrooms

Our ‘Curious Classrooms’ initiative is now complete, and we’re happy to share what we learned..

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Collaborative Funding Milestone

The Working Together More Fund has now provided over $2 million to support community groups throughout New Zealand.

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40 years of philanthropy

Established in 1972 as a flagship for Todd family philanthropy, the Todd Foundation has given over $59 million in grants since inception.

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Funding for Christchurch

Most recently through “Our Christchurch” and previously with our Earthquake Recovery Fund, we have supported Canterbury’s ongoing recovery.

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Sir John Todd

In 2015 our long-standing Chair, Sir John Todd, passed away. His wise leadership and generosity of spirit have created an enduring legacy for New Zealand.

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