Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2011

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Todd Croad (Otago)
New Zealand’s Energy Policy – a comparative study

* for 3 years

Awards for Excellence (Universities)  ……………………………………….
Laura Bunning (Victoria)
Identifying juvenile abalone behaviour (paua) in cultured systems in New Zealand
Heidi Sharples (Otago)
A longitudinal study of 1451 New Zealand women aged 40-50 to identify the factors associated with the prevention of weight gain over two years
Karl Jager (Waikato)
Subsurface geological mapping of the Southern Taranaki Basin – observing the tectonic evolution of New Zealand through the late Miocene-early Pliocene
Terra Dumont (Canterbury)
Investigation of the demographic, behavioural and immunologtical effects of mammalian predators on indigenous skink species
Rebecca White (Waikato)
Investigating the bacterial communities present in the ear canal and nose to determine a correlation between these communities and the development of middle ear infections in children
Kerry Barker (Waikato)
Incorporating chicken feather fibre into biocomposites
Nadia Borlese (Canterbury)
Using diffusion tensor imaging to investigate the microstructural integrity of the thalamus in Parkinson’s disease
Helen Walker (Massey)
Elucidating mechanisms for increasing the potential for soil carbon sequestration
Claire Mulholland (Waikato)
Exploring potential associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms and brain oscillations recorded as an electroencephalogram in patients during surgery
Tom Golding (Victoria)
High Resolution 3D seismic reflection and sonar backscatter data to identify and characterise any existing methane vent sites on Parangahau Ridge


Awards for Excellence (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics):  ………………………………….
Maria Whitcombe-Shingler (Otago)
Adult perspectives and experiences of using multifunction power wheel chairs in Aotearoa, New Zealand
Erin Eydt (Unitec)
The effects of osteopathic manual therapy (OMT) on upper extremity lymphedema and associated symptoms caused by breast cancer
Callum Farquharson (Unitec)
What is the relationship between the degree of stiffness of laxity in the sacroiliac joint and local pain in the area
Benjamin Jarret (Unitec)
Design and creation of a revolutionary new audio system primarily designed for apartment dwellers

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