Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2012

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Sam Langdon-Arms (Canterbury)
For research on solar powered refrigeration

* for 3 years

Awards for Excellence (Universities)  ……………………………………..
Maxim Millen (Christchurch)
Investigating the performance of significant structures under the unique seismic conditions experienced in Christchurch
Hannah Farr (Christchurch)
Researching brain blood flow autoregulation mechanisms and understanding the complex cellular events that underlie them
Alanna Cameron (Victoria)
Research into the highly targeted Braf inhibitor vemurafenib, which is used in the treatment of melanoma
Jesse Ashton (Auckland)
To investigate how changes in the nerves of the atria during the development of heart failure contribute to the development of atria arrhythmias
Craig Muir (Canterbury)
Examining a new detail designed to reduce the damage sustained in reinforced concrete structures during earthquakes
Hannah Morton (Massey)
To establish a novel invitro cellular model of Crohn’s Disease to assess gut permeability and tight junction integrity
Ben Schon (Otago)
Investigating a way to make good quality articular cartilage using a combination of patients own cells and a biodegradable scaffold
Andrew McCombie (Otago)
Measuring incidence and prevalence of inflamatory bowel disease (IBD)
David Wood (Canterbury)
Improving radiobiological models that underpin clinical radiation therapy
Lillian Fougere (Victoria)
Consultation and participation in Wind Farm Planning


Awards for Excellence (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics)  ………………………………………..
Joel Brooks (Otago)
A novel design for a hot water solar panel
Chris Barbour, Darryl Sell and Matthew Norman (Otago)
Group Project: Conflict resolution through interactive media
Tania Allen Ross (Otago)
Design of therapeutic compression garments: informed by sensory integration dysfunction
Amanda Smythe (UNITEC)
The effect of self-administered versus practitioner-administered myofascial compression to the anterior chest wall measured by glenohumeral rotation: a single blinded randomised controlled trial
Nichole Phillips (UNITEC)
To what extent does experimentally induced pain effect the mental rotation of body parts and non-body objects in healthy subjects

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