Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2013

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Emily Clearwater (Auckland)
To carry out research into interaction between the deep and shallow zones in geothermal systems

* for 3 years

Awards for Excellence (Universities)
Helen Andreae (Victoria)
Evaluating ‘Auti’, an educational toy for autistic children
Stephanie Borrelle (AUT)
The effect of sea birds and climate change on temperate island plant communities
Tom Brookman (Canterbury)
Creating a carbon and oxygen isotope record in tree rings of NZ Cedar to reconstruct past climatic changes
Elyse Dunn (Otago)
Characterisation of the M. Tuberculosis enzyme type II and its viability as a drug target for TB therapy in NZ
Harrisson Jull (Waikato)
Developing a specialised laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy system to evaluate growing plants
Ben Robertson (Victoria)
Evaluation of NZ estuaries under threat from increased sedimentation and damaging land use practices
Matthew Signal (Canterbury)
Investigating a new continuous glucose monitoring technology for critically ill patients
Helen Warburton (Canterbury)
Critical insight into how to better manage NZ’s freshwater ecosystems


Awards for Excellence (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics)
Cate Shields (Otago)
The effect of social skills and relationship education on the knowledge and attitudes of people with intellectual disability
Lauren Redshaw (Otago)
Study towards occupational therapy and how it can assist young adults diagnosed with Athritis
Kristy Pearson (Waikato)
The development of an educational video on the impact methamphetamine or ‘P’ has had on individuals and society
David Coufal (Christchurch)
Window system Thermal Resistance-test Apparatus (WiSTRA)
Rodja Crook (Christchurch)
Smart spectrum variable lighting for indoor plant propagation

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