Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2014

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Fatima Ibrahim (Otago)
For PHD research into Fuel Poverty

* for 3 years

Awards for Excellence (Universities) …………………………………………
Blaise Forrester-Gauntlett (Waikato)
Development and characterisation of pluripotent stem cells for hearing research
Handayani Fraser (Victoria)
To Examine methods of coasting silicon with nano-zerovalent Iron for the reduction of Nitrate
Chanelle Gavin (Waikato)
The foaming abilities of NTP are to be investigated this work aims to develop a environmentally friendly foamed material which does not rely on oil or food stocks.
Nathaniel Richard Gunby (Canterbury)
Providing a theoretical framework to understand the chemistry of pulsed -pressured metal-organic chemical vapour deposition.
Jin Burn Hong (Canterbury)
The focus is to be able to evaluate the security of a network system in a feasible timeframe, and cope with changing network (e.g.. Cloud Systems)
Sophia Katherine Hunt (Canterbury)
Investigating the effects of habitat drying on predator-prey interactions, especially in the context of exotic species and habitat modification
Kate Mauriohooho (Waikato)
To evaluate the hydrothermal alteration mineralogy and whole rock geochemistry across the Tauhara geothermal field. Indicating past temp verse current tem
Joshua Ballantyne Small (Canterbury)
To investigate the potential application of glauconitic as a source of potassium. Potassium is an essential macronutrient for plants, and therefore important component in fertiliser.
Alice Wang (Waikato)
To investigate bioactive natural products from NZ marine sources and their biological modes of action for the purpose of drug discovery
Kirstin Ward-Hartstonge (Otago)
Identifying if infiltrating Effector T Regulatory cell have an impact on patient outcome in colorectal cancel


Awards for Excellence (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) …………………………………………
Daniel Archer (Unitec)
A standing desk intervention on the markers of metabolic syndrome in sedentary office workers
David Brydon (NMIT)
Augmented reality and virtual reality
Jodie Collins (WINTEC)
The effect of creatine combined with protein supplementation on lean muscle mass and muscle function in frail elderly subjects undergoing resistance training.
Deborah Prattley (Unitec)
Rider assessment in therapeutic horse riding
Tania Smellie (Otago Polytechic)
To explore the impact of housing modifications on clients’ occupations and roles.

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