Special Focus Fund Recipients

2013 Special Focus Fund Recipients

Auckland Art Gallery* Todd Foundation Learning Centre (final year) $175,000
Curious Classrooms* Additional support for supporting primary school science  $15,000
Hikurangi Foundation* Core operational and development costs $50,000
Reserved for further Christchurch earthquake recovery support in 2014 $310,000

2012 Special Focus Fund Recipients

Arts and Cultural Heritage Projects (with an emphasis on Christchurch)

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2011 Special Focus Fund Recipients (formerly known as Centenary Fund)

Arts and Cultural Heritage Projects
Auckland Art Gallery*
Todd Foundation Learning Centre

The Loons of Lyttleton and Lyttletons Working Men’s Club
Arts Centre Building Restoration





2010 Centenary Fund Recipients

Curious Classrooms Project: to encourage interest and engagement in science for primary aged children in South Auckland
Auckland Council
Botanic Gardens, Ambury Farm, Auckland Zoo and Wai Care delivering projects relating to global warming, plants and animals.  The schools participating in these projects include: Wymondley Schools, Dawson Road School, Ferguson Intermediate School, Rongomai School.


Auckland Science Teachers Association (ASTA)
Planning and support, workshops and sharing learnings


Ashby Science Advice
Flight and Transport – hot air balloons, gliders, kites, sail boats/carts.  The school participating in the project is Wesley Intermediate.


Science Road Show
Delivering a range of science engaging projects (forces, energy, magnetism and chemical change) to the following 7 schools: Flat Bush, Bairds Mainfreight, Mayfield, Yendarra, May Road, Owairaka, New Windsor.


Astrology “Real Stars”.  The schools participating in this project include: East Tamaki Primary School, St. John the Evangelist


Solar System/Astronomy.  The school participating in this project is Christ the King.


GNS Science
Projects to inspire young scientists through authentic science experiences 





2007-2009 Centenary Fund Recipients

To support initiatives that address climate change and promote sustainability
Hikurangi Foundation *
Establishment and running of new climate change and sustainability fund
Total $250,000


2006 Centenary Fund Recipients

For “Arts and Cultural Heritage projects that promote tolerance and build understanding of our cultural diversity”
Auckland  Museum
Treasures and Tales children’s exhibition and events
Canterbury Museum
Around the World in 30 Lounges’ exhibition
Christchurch Art Gallery
Christchurch Community Cultural Diversity Programme 
Carter Observatory
Development of Maori/Polynesian room and exhibits
Waikato Museum
Community-based faith exhibition
Total $280,000


2005 Centenary Fund Recipients

Cardiac Inherited Disease Group and Cure Kids
Long QT syndrome research


Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Crohn’s disease research


Human Genetic Society of Australasia
Researching support needs for hereditary cancer risk 


University of Otago
Neurological assessment of subjects with callosal agenesis


Discretionary Grants
(Human Genetics Society: $11,000 for prenatal testing and childhood leukaemia diagnosis, Genetic Services of New Zealand: $1,600 for website development, New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders: $15,000 for support group websites)




2004 Centenary Fund Recipients

For projects of high conservation significance that support the recovery and protection of New Zealand’s biodiversity.
Bushy Park Trust $100,000
Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Trust $50,000
Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust $100,000
Total $250,000
* Indicates multi-year grant