Fairer futures for children and whanau

In early 2018, we started  exploring a second focus area under our new funding strategy: Fairer futures for children and whānau.

We’re exploring ways that we can support efforts to address poverty and inequality, and contribute to fairer futures for all children and families/whānau in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The exploration phase involves a process of research and discussion to deepen our understanding of where we might best be able to help.

Later this year, or early in 2019, we hope to engage more deeply with communities, groups, collectives, and other funders to understand the key issues and outcomes communities want to work towards together and how we could best support this work.

Our intention is to provide up to five years of funding and support for a range of co-ordinated activities such as strategies and initiatives, collaboration and capability-building, research and evaluation, and learning.

Our approach

We are taking a systems-thinking approach to help us understand how the Todd Foundation can do its bit to reduce poverty and inequality, and to support fairer access to opportunities for children and their families/whānau.

Our aim is to understand what is happening at both the national level and the community level to achieve change.  We are also deepening our understanding of what does and doesn’t work when seeking to create fairer futures, and identifying innovative ways of working that could make a difference.

Our approach involves understanding the systems in our society which are leading to poorer outcomes for some children and families/whānau.  It also involves identifying who the ‘systems changers’ are – the key people and organisations who are working to ensure that children and families in Aotearoa New Zealand have equitable opportunities to thrive.

If we have a bird’s eye view of the systems that affect children and families, and understand who has power and influence to change these systems, we can identify how we, as funders, may be able to support social change more effectively at both the national and community levels.  We may also be able to identify ways we could support people and organisations working together to strengthen their impact.

We will post further updates about the Fairer Futures focus area here and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ToddFoundation as our work develops.