Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2015

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Katie McLean (University of Auckland)
For PHD research into geothermal well testing practices

* for 4 years

Awards for Excellence (Universities)  ………………….
Ksenia Aleksandrova (Lincoln)
Research to identify the best way of integrating green infrastructure into the existing road corridors to help alleviate pressure on stormwater networks whilst contributing positively to local communities
Dane Aronsen (Victoria)
Investigating the effects of the common drugs of abuse, cocaine and MDMA, on brain systems that underlie drug addiction.
Jarrod Cook (Canterbury)
Development of a novel device to be used in seismic energy dissipation and to protect buildings and their occupants during earthquakes
James Hewett (Canterbury)
Modelling the accumulation of unwanted material in pipes and heat exchangers; this process is called fouling or scaling
Nicholas Lowther (Canterbury)
Investigation the iterative reconstruction of the volumetric data to improve the spatial and temporal resolution of real-time cardiac MRI guidance
Regine Morgenstern (Canterbury)
Identification of mineral resources such as REE deposits, allowing for better management related to the future development, or alternatively the protection, of these resources
Leila Nicholson (Otago)
Research into rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) which is a commonly used biocontrol agent for wild pest rabbit populations in New Zealand
Abigail Sharrock (Victoria)
Researching the improved treatment and cure of cancer. This project in GDEPT using nitroreductase enzymes aims to develop an improved treatment technology with fewer side-effects
Jamie Stavert (Auckland)
Using mesocosm [large enclosure] experiments to manipulate pollinator communities and determine how the composition and diversity of biological traits influence pollination – a critical ecosystem function and service


Awards for Excellence (Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics)
Von Bandong (WelTec)
Blood Loss Simulator
Allie Foote (WelTec)
The design of a biogas capturing system on a small dairy farm
Juan Martinez (WinTec)
Graham’s Creek flooding mitigation device development
Mary Piper (Otago Polytechnic)
Listening to the pregnancy stories of Māori women who access maternity care for the first time when in labour
Carol Reid (EIT)
How do New Zealand nurses who work in the area of oncology educate and provide follow-up support to patients who receive capecitabine and what is the nurses’ perception of this process?
Debbie Remnant (Unitec)
Epidemiology of muscular-skeletal surfing injuries in New Zealand

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