Christchurch YMCA Youth Place

A place for young people to be creative

OurChristchurchYouthMeeting“Something like this is exactly what the young people of Christchurch need right now.” This was the verdict of our Christchurch youth panel, a diverse group of teenagers who helped select the YMCA’s Youth Art Place as the recipient of our $1m grant for children and young people in the new Christchurch.

The Youth Art Place, located in the YMCA’s central Christchurch premises, will include urban art-related activities, gathering spaces, youth programmes, a permanent collection of street art and a 200-seat community theatre.

“The earthquakes took away a lot of young Cantabrians’ safe meeting spaces,” says Christchurch YMCA CE Josie Ogden. “But this will be much more than just a hang-out space. It is an urban culture space: a mall without shops or walls; a gallery where you can make noise and eat, a place for young people to be creative.”

The aim of this funding was to support a vibrant and inclusive post-earthquake Christchurch where all children and young people thrive. It follows more than $3m given since the earthquakes through our Todd Foundation Earthquake Recovery Fund, General Fund and Special Focus Fund. “We wish the YMCA and the youth of Christchurch every success in this innovative and forward-thinking initiative,” says Todd Foundation chairman Sir John Todd.

The Todd Foundation is supporting the Youth Art Place with $1m over two years from our Special Focus Fund as part of the “Our Christchurch” initiative.

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Update: Subsequent to this grant being made, the YMCA had to revise plans for the Youth Art Place and are now looking at a comprehensive rebuild of their central Christchurch premises, which will incorporate many of the intended features of the Art Place. Once the final plans for the rebuild are complete, the Todd Foundation will make a decision regarding whether the $1m grant will go ahead.

The Earthquake Recovery Fund

Todd Foundation provided focused funding to support the recovery of Christchurch and its people from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

This $2 million fund completed its granting in 2013.

Applications for funding should now be made via the Foundation’s General Fund.

To see a list of recipients of our Earthquake Fund click here.