Information for our funding partners

The Todd Foundation is a pro-active funder. To understand how we find our funding partners click here

Funding Terms and Conditions

If we have made you a funding offer we will ask you to:

  • Complete and return a funding confirmation form
  • Provide us with a pre-printed bank deposit slip in the name of your organisation (original, not a copy) or another form of verified notification from your bank of your organisation’s account details.

Please note that the Foundation’s donation to your organisation does not attract GST.


Reporting processes vary according to the type of funding you’re receiving and will be outlined in your funding offer letter. We try to keep our reporting processes as straightforward as possible. Generally we prefer verbal over written reporting – though where you’ve already produced something (e.g. your annual report, financial statements/statement of service performance, or a report you’ve prepared for another funder) feel free to send these to us.

News and Updates

We appreciate news about your initiative and your organisation so please add us to your mailing list and keep in touch. And let us know if things aren’t going to plan – we much prefer bad news to no news, and in some circumstances we may be able to assist.

Acknowledgement and Logo

We appreciate acknowledgement of our funding in your communications, for example in annual reports or if you have a funders page on your website.

You may use our logo in communications about work we are currently supporting, but please check with us first before using it in a promotional capacity, for example on signage.

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