What we’ve learned

May 2021 | Being Human, Systems-focused and Learning
Our journey to better outcomes for children, whānau and communities. By Susie Schwartz, Programme and Relationship Lead.

April 2020 | Next Foundation – Stories of Strategic Philanthropy in Aotearoa and Beyond
A  case study on our placed based approach to Youth Employment. (Case study 5, page 24)

October 2019 | Philanthropy in New Zealand
Christina Howard, our Executive Director, shares her thoughts about philanthropy in this article by Margie Cooney for Denizen magazine.

May 2019 | Top 10 tips for community-led development
Todd Foundation and Inspiring Communities share their top 10 tips on enabling and supporting community-led development.

April 2019 |  Fairer futures for children and whānau: What we’re learning
‘Fairer futures for children and whānau’ is a key focus of our new funding strategy.  In this April 2019 update we share what we’ve been learning about poverty and inequality in Aotearoa New Zealand, systems change, and how we might support community-led action to ensure all children have the opportunity to thrive.

October 2018 | A new way of working (pdf 170KB)
Find out how our new funding strategy is changing the way we work in this article published in the August issue of Philanthropy News.

June 2018 |  The Power of Four: Lessons from the VOYCE Collaboration (pdf 2MB)
The story of how we collaborated with three other funders to establish VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai, an independent charitable trust for children and young people in foster care. The success of this collaboration shows that when philanthropic trusts come together to share their time, wisdom, selves and money incredible things can happen.

July 2016 |  Curious Classrooms Brief Report 2014-2015 (pdf 149KB).
We evaluated our curious classrooms project, which was designed to generate “wow” hands-on science experiences in primary schools to inspire curiosity and fosters understanding, investigation and participation in science.  To read more about our Curious Classrooms project Click Here.

March 2014 |  Ideas for working with Government to affect change (pdf 469KB)
Four experts share their most effective strategies for working with Central Government to enable ‘inclusive communities where all families, children and young people thrive and contribute’,

February 2014 |  How do we reduce the compliance costs funders impose on grantees?
Todd Foundation’s former Executive Director, Kate Frykberg’s thoughts in the Philanthropy NZ magazine article “Counting the community benefit of grantmaking” (pdf 887KB) and also an interview with her in Australian Grant Management Quarterly “Hidden Costs and Improving Efficiencies” (pdf 200KB).

July 2013 |  Evaluation of the Todd Foundation Earthquake Recovery Fund (pdf 1MB)

April 2013 |  Presentation about Partnership Funding at the Philanthropy NZ conference (pdf 1,014KB)
Exploring how we are trying to better catalyse positive social change through our five year Partnership Funding – and along the way takes a hard look at the compliance costs to community organisations of funding practices

February 2013 |  From Kitchen Table to Legislative Chamber: Reflections on Todd Foundation Partnership Funding (pdf 241KB)
Read our reflections on the Todd Foundation’s 5-year funding stream and the approach taken by our recipients for creating change for children