Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2016

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Nathan Lal (University of Waikato)
For PHD research into optimised energy retrofit designs for large industrial sites
* for 3 years


Awards for Excellence – Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics (ITPs)

Name ITP Project Amount
Rory Keegan Unitec Water sensitive architecture $2,000
Aleisha Cawte Unitec P2P Lending: Achieving Consumer Engagement and Participation through Communication $2,827.50
Nukutere Selwyn Koopu Waiariki Deployment of a Wireless Wide Area Network over a rural area $4,100
Christopher Harbrow Otago Polytechnic The Implementation and Application of a Micro Hydro System in a Low Head, Low Flow, Rural Environments $5,500
Anae Dixon Otago Polytechnic The effectiveness of the Pool Activity Level (PAL) instrument for occupational profiling: Clinician and carer perspectives. $3000

Awards for Excellence – Universities

Name University Project Amount
Sarah Appleby Auckland Manipulation of sheep kidneys to generate organs for human transplantation or models for kidney disease. $8,000
Louise Edwards Massey Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and suicide risk among young adults: An examination of the role of perceived burdensomeness $5,000
Rachel Darnell Otago Unravelling Antibiotic Resistance Determinants in Enterococcus faecalis $8,000
Alex Hill Victoria Exploring specialist child witness interviewers’ experiences with, use and knowledge of visual aids in forensic interviews with children. $5,000
Benjamin Jones Victoria Mechanism of Action of the Marine Sponge-Derived Microtubule-Stabilising Agent Peluroside A in Cancer Cells $6,000
Alaric McCarthy Auckland Improving our understanding of abundance and distribution of deep water scampi for improved sustainable harvest. $7,250
Zach McLean Auckland Stem cell replacement in the testes of livestock $8,000
Rachel Ou Auckland Rapid bacterial assessment using a low-cost, compact, all-fibre optical device. $5,000
Anna Probert Auckland Invasion through Competition: using Next-generation DNA sequencing to understand the risk posed by invasive ants $8,000
Zoe Williams Otago Identification and characterization of the regulatory system controlling oxygen utilization in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in response to low oxygen $5,000
Emma Wrigglesworth Victoria The Synthesis of Nanoparticles with Special Reflective Properties for Application to Bulk Materials $5,000

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