Scholarship and Awards Recipients 2017

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Todd Foundation Energy Research Scholarship
Ruby-Jean Clark (University of Auckland)
For PHD research into thermal energy storage for electric vehicles
* for 3 years


Awards for Excellence – Universities

Name University Research Awarded
Ross van der Wetering Victoria Identification of novel pharmaceutical targets for the treatment of drug addiction. $4,000
Tim van Ginkel Canterbury Neuronal Ion Dynamics: A Compartmental Model Without Diffusion. $9,600
Aimee McKinnon Lincoln Improving biological control: Determining the activity of corn plants in response to topical application with pro-biotic fungi strains. $11,000
Melissa Adam Auckland The National Protection Alert System: a study of decision-making in District Health Board multi-disciplinary child protection meetings. $5,500
Jacinda Aplin Massey Prevalence of multidrug resistant Enterobacteriaceae in livestock. $10,500
Tammy Waters Victoria The distribution and effects of the honey bee pathogens Lotmaria passim and Crithidia mellificae in New Zealand. $4,000
Shaun Ferguson Otago Unravelling the role of nod gene expression in competitive nodule formation by clover rhizobia. $2,779
Shalini Guleria Waikato Cell-to-Cell Communication using Tissue Engineering. $3,000
Lisa Craw Otago The behaviour of glacial ice under stress. $5,800
Nichaela Harbison-Price Otago Investigating the antimicrobial mode of action of metal ionophores as new chemotherapeutic agents. $5,354
Shannon Hunter Waikato Testing the tolerance of Phytophthora cinnamomi from New Zealand avocado orchards to phosphite in vitro and in planta. $3,200
Aisling Rayne Canterbury Detecting genetic divergence in a relict New Zealand seabird. $5,000
Chantal Whitby Otago The barriers and opportunities of restoring ecological function via wetlands in privately-owned agricultural landscapes within New Zealand $1,060

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