An inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand where all families, children and young people can thrive and contribute

As one of New Zealand’s oldest family foundations, the Todd Foundation continues a family legacy of generosity. As a family foundation we have the opportunity to stick to long-terms plan for change, to be strategic, to be flexible and to take calculated risks.

Our approach to funding is the result of 50 years of listening to our community partners. This listening is why we fund work to change systems instead of supporting one-off projects and service delivery. It is why we pro-actively seek out communities, groups and collectives to partner with rather than asking groups to spend hours on applications. It is why high-trust, long-term relationship-based funding is what we bring to the table.

We invite you to read our strategy and guiding principles to understand us more.  

We resource communities to create sustainable long-term social change. We do this by funding change, collaboration and capability.

“Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi - With your basket and my basket the people will thrive”

Funding Sources

Our funding is made possible by an annual donation from the Todd family, sourced from the Todd Corporation by way of a special Todd Family Shareholder vote, and from the Foundation’s investment income. Donations are also received from individual Todd family members as well as Todd staff and others via payroll giving.

Infrastructure Support

The Todd Corporation and the Todd Family Office generously provide financial and in-kind support for our operating expenses, including accommodation, HR, IT and investment management.

Our Funding

The Todd Foundation is a pro-active funder, working with very specific focus areas. This means we do not run grant rounds and we’re unable to respond to unsolicited requests or ‘pitches’ for funding. We find our funding recipients through our own environmental scanning, pro-active research and community engagement processes.

The Todd Foundation is registered with Charities Services (CC35490) and is a member of Philanthropy NZ.