At the Todd Foundation, we’re about building strong relationships

We’re about learning, partnering and sharing. But first and foremost, we’re about listening to our communities, and have been doing so for 50 years.

We are always keen to hear what’s being said about the issues most dear to our communities and do our bit to enable those issues to be tackled by energised partnerships and collectives.

We fund very specific focus areas, in order to build long lasting relationships with our funding recipients and create lasting change. For this reason we don’t run grant rounds, don’t have an application form, and cannot accept unsolicited requests or ‘pitches’ for funding.

Our email address is

You can also email Todd Foundation staff using the format

Our mailing address is PO Box 3142, Wellington 6140

Our physical address is Level 15, Todd Building,  95 Customhouse Quay,  Wellington