The Todd Foundation invests in community-led change

We want to support real change in communities, reduce time spent on funding proposals and reporting, and promote collaboration rather than competition. For these reasons we don’t run grant rounds or accept pitches from individuals or organisations. Instead we pro-actively seek out communities, groups and collectives to partner with. Our approach to resourcing long-term social change is to partner in a high-trust, long-term and relationship-focussed way.

  • We’re clear that we are not the experts on the challenges communities face - and that the voices and solutions of those closest to the issues need to be prioritised. 
  • We’re about building good relationships. 
  • We’re about learning and sharing to ensure that we aren’t restricted to using the same tools just because that’s the way we’ve always done it.
  • We do what we can for communities so they can follow their own vision and measure success on their own terms.

Our main focus is resourcing communities to tackle the root causes of some of society’s biggest issues

We provide resources for communities to lead the way, with the majority of our resourcing going to long-term social change focussed work.

We look for collaboratives and leaders who are responsive to community need, think systemically and work to amplify the voices and solutions of those closest to the issues on the ground.

We fund projects long-term and all the work we fund is focussed on creating social change for children, young people and families.

We recognise the unique status of Māori as tangata whenua of Aotearoa New Zealand and strive to ensure we equitably fund Māori-led solutions.

Meet Our Community Partners

At the end of the day what matters most to us is not how we fund, but who we fund. We invite you to learn more about the community partners we have the honour to walk alongside.

Our Funding Streams

Change Funding

We fund co-ordinated, community-led action for change. All of the long-term change projects we resource aim to shift the social and economic conditions contributing to poverty and inequality in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our focus areas include housing, digital equity, food security and Māori-led solutions.

Collaboration Funding

We practise and incentivise collaboration through pro-active, strategic alliances with other funders. We look for collaborations which: 

  • Involve opportunities to connect and learn 
  • Employ the unique knowledge and resources of collaborating partners to create greater impact 
  • Create new opportunities or initiatives which couldn’t be achieved independently 
  • Create leverage and influence to address issues of mutual concern.

Capability Funding

We fund key organisations providing important capability support to the community sector. 

In a small country, we recognise the value of national organisations who can assist and support local groups and communities in their work. 

We look for organisations who are responsive to community need, provide real value and work in partnership at a local level.

Other Funding

From time to time the landscape changes and we need to fund things in a different way. 

Our 2020/2021 COVID-19 funding was an example of this where we knew we had to fund swiftly, collaboratively and flexibly to meet immediate community need.