Our History

The Todd family (owners of the Todd Corporation) has a strong history of philanthropy, with the first formal Todd charitable trust established in the 1950s by psychiatrist Kathleen Todd for post-graduate study in this discipline. As the Todd Group emerged over the years as a significant entity in the New Zealand commercial environment, the directors and shareholders increasingly recognised a corporate responsibility to the welfare of the community.  This was formalised by the establishment in 1960 of the Todd Charitable Trust.

Then in 1972, as a flagship for Todd family philanthropy, Sir Bryan Todd instigated the Todd Foundation in conjunction with Andrew and Sir John Todd. Its original vision for New Zealand being “a place where everyone can contribute to the best of their ability in a society that nurtures and values young people, encourages endeavour and tolerance and recognises our cultural diversity.”  Initially it was funded by the family through a grant from Todd Motors – a capital contribution of $1 million. Since then Todd businesses, and individual family members, have made other significant contributions – both to the capital fund and to funds for immediate distribution.

Family members and the Corporation continue to provide ongoing support to the Todd Foundation through the special Todd Family Shareholder vote and a donation for operating costs. The Foundation is also the fortunate recipient of individual Todd family members generosity, in-kind support from the Todd Family Office and Corporation, and donations from Todd Corporation staff via payroll giving.

Family members are actively involved in governance and the wider family takes a keen interest in the Foundation’s activities.